Our mission is providing functional, stylish accessories for every time when it’s cold outside.

Our goal is to keep Frisky Face current and fresh by continually launching new, innovative products, while providing top quality customer service. The rest of the story will have to be writen itself. Stay tuned… Keep yourself warm and the snow off your face.

It all started on cold slopes working as a ski instructor and wearing that unattractive uniform.

So I always had a need to accessorize a little bit.

Just to make myself a little bit different  and to add some SWAG because ski industry could be so boring.

I always looked for something to warm my neck through the cold winter days at places I like the most – snowy slopes! And because I hated wearing those old school and uncomfortable turtle necks since I remember, I was wearing neck warmers from ski shops. They do their primary function ok but I had the same problems over and over again.

They are not adjustable so it is hard to keep them at the spot you want. They usually quickly get wet and you have to put your hat, goggles ,… off to undress it.

So I made a perfect solution for myself. I hope it will work perfect for you too;)

The future is unwritten for the Frisky Face Brand… it is an exciting time for us and we are continually looking for new opportunities as well as great adventures! One thing is for certain though, we are continually designing NEW, trendy and functional products for use in the great outdoors!

It is still the early years for Frisky Face and we understand that to be the best you must look the best. We couldn’t have gotten where we are today and without your great word of mouth and sharing, we would still be in the basement! Thanks all, and we hope you enjoy the ride along with us!